A change in her blog; time for a story

Note: Happy 2018! I wanted to do something different and take my blog in a new direction, as the title tells you. I have a passion for narrative writing and I would like to tell you a story which I have been brewing in my head for some time now. This might become a regular thing, I am not really sure at the moment. But, I hope you enjoy this and if you do want more stories, comment below! 

It was a cold spring evening, the trees standing still, their green leaves bursting like blooming flowers. The sky above was bursting with the light of the stars, making it look like a drop of ink had fallen from a quill, speckling the parchment. It was peaceful, the only sound being the wind whispering to the moss and the flowers as it ran around the bare trees below. It seemed colourless and lifeless, like a painting without any colour. It was only then that you saw the hill that all around you, colour seemed to burst forth, bringing imagination and hope to life. The hill was of the softest green carpet but it was what was standing proud above it, that caught the eye of many a wandering stranger. It was a beautiful cherry blossom tree, with its opalescent eyes that watched the world go by. It was giant but timid, hidden but enchanting. It had only a few days to go, before all its petals were to fall and tuck itself away into history, which made it all the more precious and even more as a sign of hope. Hope arrives as silently as anything but it can leave and the effects can leave you feeling downhearted. But, underneath this shining beacon of hope  was a parasol. It was a soft yellow colour, like the waking sun, and was embroidered with flowers blooming with elegant blue and tranquil green. What was it doing here? Who had left it?

It was a sunny morning as the cherry blossom tree bloomed, its branches reaching out to grab the light from the world, the trees leaned toward one another, the birds chirped excited words of love and the light of the sun touched everything with its rays of wishes and dreams. Suddenly, everything fell silent. A beautiful young woman took a seat under the tree, dropping her yellow parasol next to her as she did. She had deep brown eyes that were the colour of melted chocolate, her skin was pale and shining under the sunlight. Her hair was long and jet black and it fell around her like a fan. She was wearing a beautiful green dress, lighter than the grass below her and was embroidered with blood red roses. She looked like a doll that was sitting on a shelf, waiting to be played with but not knowing when…

Some time passed and the world around the tree began to speak again. The birds asked who she was, the wind asked why was she here and the trees asked who else could be here? Then, a shadow fell over the hill and a young man climbed the hill. The world fell silent again. He was dressed in a simple white shirt, with black trousers and black shoes. He had short black hair that stopped short of his ears and blue eyes that looked like pools of starlight in a midnight sky. His expression was sad, not like the young women who sat below the tree, and suddenly, the wind moaned as if it knew something was going to happen.

The young women released her grip on the parasol and threw her arms around the man. He did not return the hug and pushed her away from him, tears shining in his eyes. The girl stopped and looked at his face, confusion taught in every muscle of her face. He took a deep breath and began to tell her something, a secret?  a rumour? or something more personal?

With every word he said, the excitement that had lit up her eyes when he arrived began to die. It was killed with hurt and pain and tears filled her eyes. They began to spill down her cheeks and she stuck out her arms, as if to question him. He shook his head and turned away. Her pain turned to desperation and the wind moaned as she ran after him, calling his name, begging him to change his decision…Until it went cold. Until it went silent…

Rain began to fall from the blue sky as it turned to a deep, unforgiving grey. The sun ran from it’s home in terror and the world slowed down. The woman returned and the world watched her. Her eyes were no longer lit up. They were darkened with hurt. Her roses stitched on her dress turned to blood, her doll-like appearance had turned her to a statue. She sat under the rain, facing the world of silence. Suddenly, the blossom began to fall. It was a sign. A sign of a loss of hope. And, as the girl sat under the tears of the tree, the birds began to sing their songs of sorrow, the trees began to sway away from the scene, the parasol swayed in the wind. Then, she left and she left her parasol behind. To float atop the sea of cherry blossom tears…

Hope you enjoyed this (If you want another, comment below)

Tomla xxxx 🙂



Mental Health Day: My Experience

Mental health. Wow I have so much to say. Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay on this blog as it is a week after the actual day. This is quite a difficult topic to explain but I am going to share some experiences and just talk about mental health, young minds and a particular ambassador for mental health who has inspired this blog.

So, mental health for me is a personal topic. I don’t really keep it a secret, I don’t use it as a weapon or as a shield because it is not what defines me. I have autism, I always will. If you don’t know what autism is, here is the definition: a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. But autism is much more than this. My main emotion is this anxiety that is always here. I wake up being anxious, I go to school anxious, I come home anxious and then I go to bed being anxious. I come home feeling like no one is ever going to understand, everyone judges me just by how I act. Sometimes when my friends say to me “It was just a joke” I have to remind them that I can’t understand jokes. I come home, watch Dan and Phil, eat cereal (I know I have a cereal problem; I eat cereal at eight at night) and just stress my mind out.

I know what you are thinking “How does she manage any of this?”. Well, sometimes I question that too. I walk around, listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 & 2 on my iPod, and think about life. Sometimes, I want to escape. Just enter a fantasy world and talk to the characters so I can be someone else. Listen to music with Peter Quill, fight with Captain America, sail with Jack Sparrow, fight with the Fellowship and learn magic at Hogwarts. This is one thing that helps me manage. But the key to keeping myself grounded is my friends and family. Surrounding yourself with friends who will understand, who will make you laugh and help you relax. My friendship squad at school are like my Fellowship, my Guardians of the Galaxy. They are the ones who keep me sane. My family are the ones who keep me safe and calm. I love them, even if I can’t show them. They are my rocks and without them I don’t think I would be able to do anything.

I am autistic. I am special. I know somedays are going to be harder than others, I accept that. Somedays I will be laughing, somedays crying. But, I know I am fine. I will get through it. If you are struggling take these words from my Dad; You will be grand.

I am not defined by my autism. I walk around, convinced that everyone who knows I have autism is all they can see. Like if they looked at me, all they would see is a label above my head saying “Autistic” I worry they treat me differently. I worry they just patronise me and don’t care. But I want people to see me as who I really am. I am not autism; it is just a friend of mine. A friend for life that will never leave me.

So, Young Minds is the charity that supports people with ASD, OCD, Depression and conditions that are similar. I want you to take a moment to just look them up, I want you to realise everyone with a superpower like us is just like you, if you can, donate even! I am proud that they are supporting everyone like me and I want you to raise awareness by talking to other people about mental health, it doesn’t have to be young people. If you have experience with mental health, don’t be afraid to speak up. Be proud. If you are struggling, everything will be fine. Take a deep breath. Watch a video. Eat some food. You will be grand.

The last thing I would like to talk about is a recent ambassador for Young Minds. It is a person I look up to and someone who inspires me with his story: Daniel Howell.

Dan is the other half of Dan and Phil and being a fan of theirs, I was naturally going to see his story about mental health. He opened up in a video explaining about his time with depression and I felt touched. He had been through so much, struggled but came through. He touched me so much and I felt so inspired to keep on going. Here is a link to the video: Click here for the video!

Dan is an inspiring man. His words left a mark on me and I have been reminding myself of them every time I am panicking. If Dan reads this then all I have to say is that I am proud of him. He has helped with his videos (by himself and with Phil) so much and his words have made me feel like I am not alone. He is an amazing guy with an incredible story so please, check out his video. (I would love to know if this has helped you so if you would like to leave feedback, send me a note in the comments!)

Thank you so much for reading and if you are struggling with mental health issues, speak out! Don’t let anyone change who you are.

I hope this blog post has made you more aware and if you want to check out my Mum’s blog the link is here: Click here to see!

Until next time 🙂


Young Minds – https://youngminds.org.uk/

The Amazing Blog Is Not On Fire!

So, today I though I would do something a little bit different from the usual museum exploring and understandings of autism. I would like to discuss two you-tubers who took me on an epic quest of gaming, cooking and general all round nerdiness! They are Daniel Howell and Phil Lester but are better know as: Dan and Phil

My journey with Dan and Phil began when one of my best friends told me that I had to watch these two you-tubers. To be honest, I thought they would not interest me whatsoever. It was then that I began my adventure with the beginning of the Sims series. The link is here: Click here for the video!

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Westminster Abbey – the jewel of London

I return! I am returning from my temporary absence from my blog to spread the word of the iconic Westminster Abbey. This, I feel, is an important time for people to understand that London holds many beautiful lights, lights that can shine even when the darkest hour has befallen it.

IMG_3885Westminster Abbey was one of the most interesting experiences for me. Following a chat with a group of peers, I soon gathered data that told me that many teenagers are not as interested in museums as I happen to be, which I had guessed all along. They hold their interests in social media whereas I hold my interests in things such as museums. But, as I entered Westminster Abbey, it struck me just how amazing museums can be. I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of history and power, intrigue and prestige. Suddenly, I realised how many people were remembered here and felt suddenly honoured and in awe that I was playing witness to so much magic. Continue reading

Blogging in five easy steps (Including extra tips)

tate audioI was thinking, what should I blog about? Maybe I should do something different other than museums. Then it hit me!

Here are the all important steps needed to get your blog on and get those views.

Step one (Pick a subject)

When blogging you need to have a specific idea to blog about. Choose something that you know a lot about, something that you are passionate about and something that you think will interest your viewers.

Step two (Plan)

(I don’t always do this and sometimes I skip ahead and just go straight ahead to the next step. But you do what you think is best). When you have decided on your subject, you need to write up a copy of what you are going to do. This means basically write up your blog and and then this will begin to help you get a grip on what it is you are going to say. When you are satisfied with it continue onward to step three!

Step three (Type in that blog!)

When your plan is all done it is time for the real thing. This means open up whatever website you are using and type in your plan! If you are typing and you suddenly think “Hey, I can change this sentence to make it even better!” Then you can if you choose to! Remember it is always up to you on what you want to do! 🙂

Step four (Check!)

When you are happy with your blog, then either you or a family member or friend can check over your punctuation and grammar just as an extra precaution to make sure your blog is one hundred percent free from typos or missing punctuation or any mistake!

Step five (Publish your blog!)

Finally, when you have finished your blog and checked it, you can finally hit that publish button and sit back, relax and wait for all those precious views to come and reach your computer screen.


Listen to music

This can help some people but not all. I use it sometimes and only recently discovered how helpful it can be. Just pick some music you think will help you concentrate, stick it on and wait for the ideas to flood to you.

Find your perfect room to work in

When you are doing your plan, what you can do is find a good room that you can concentrate in. I prefer the kitchen, up the dining table and even though it is loud, I still can concentrate because I like that room.



I hope these steps and tips will help.

Tomla xxxxxxxxx 😉

Bringing back the blogs-British Museum Sunken Cities – Egypt’s lost worlds

2016-06-02 13.20.31

It has been a while since I have been blogging, so now is my chance to bring back my blogs 🙂

This one is about the new exhibition on display at The British Museum.

This new display gives viewers a chance to find some amazing discoveries found by underwater archeologists (What a fun job!) from the lost cities. This new exhibition shows lots of things found by the archaeologists and also houses big statues which very much capture my interest.

As I walked in, I went through a blue corridor and then I knew it was going to be good. As I ventured round the corridors, amazing discoveries greeted me. The room was so big and when I explored it more I just felt so amazed by how huge it was.

There was so much detail in the information provided it was so awesome and I especially loved how every time I turned a corner, I was greeted with more and and more special artefacts and I loved the idea of thinking there was more and more around every corner.

But it was not all facts, there was stuff for the little ones too 🙂 I especially enjoyed putting on the underwater archaeologists gloves and tried to pick up a fifty pence coin! (It is very hard!)

This exhibit felt so factual and I enjoyed it a great deal and I also loved trying to decipher all those old Egyptian hieroglyphics! I would definitely recommend going but not if you have a big bunch of little ones. I really enjoyed this exhibit and I am sure you will be thrilled by these amazing discoveries.

Tomla xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 😉

2016-06-02 12.23.38

Sunken Cities – Egypt’s lost worlds is on to 27th November 2016.

Under 16s go free.